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L.Gobbi has been working for more than fifty years in Italy having reached a position of market leader in the sector of plant growth regulators, biostimulants, foliar fertilizers, chelated meso and microelements, soil conditioners including products for organic farming.

The Gobbi sales network consists of qualified and dynamic technicians covering the whole Italian territory.

After the 1980s , through the direct partnership with the German mother company Eduard Gerlach GmbH, Gobbi opened towards the international market and entered successfully into business relationships with several EU and extra EU countries.

During the last years thanks to the ecological consciousness of its managment the company oriented more and more towards new types of products, often of natural source, highly effective and suitable for organic farming and in any case, thanks to their low environmental impact, in accord with the rules of the integrated production (IPM).

It has been a great success for Gobbi to have reached the first half century of life, dealing with skillness and realism with the market challenges.

The long lasting (more than fifty years) collaboration between Gobbi and E. Gerlach, European leader also in the field of personal care and cosmetic products, has lead to a guarantee of continuous development ensuring a consistent expansion of the Italian company, in the local market as well as in other European and Mediterranean area countries.

More than fifty years of engagement and deep ecological convictions in accord with the mission slogan ŇWith Nature for NatureÓ.

This is Gobbi, a company projected in the future with convinced and conscious energy.

Company profile:

  • 1955 Beginning of Comm. Ludovico Gobbi trading activity of E. Gerlach GmbH products in the agrochemical Italian market;
  • 1981 Establishment of L.Gobbi Ltd with direct sharing of E. Gerlach GmbH and beginning of the export activity;
  • 1985 Expansion of the product range and opening to other international partnership;
  • 1997 Moving to the new plant of Campo Ligure and strengthening of the export activity;
  • 2005 European Notification according to Directive 91/414/EEC for the Plant Growth Regulators;
  • 2010 Further expansion of Partnership with EU and extra EU countries;
  • 2013 Annex III Dossiers submission in several EU countries.

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