36c® 2018 (Β-NOA 4.5%)

Sale and use approved, in accordance with authorized label, from April 1, 2018 to July 29, 2018. Label authorized with Executive Decree of 19/03/2018. Setting plant growth regulator 36c® 2018 is [...]

Auxiset® 4 (NAD 3.6% + NAA 0.4%)

Setting plant growth regulator. Auxiset® 4 is a powder plant growth regulator having a fruit setting action. It is based on two auxinic active ingredients designed specifically for applications [...]

Auxiger® LG (NAD 1.5% + NAA 0.6%)

Plant growth regulator with fruit setting, stimulant and cicatrizing effects. AUXIGER is a plant growth regulator in liquid form which promotes setting and has a stimulatory and cicatrizing [...]

Fengib® (GA3 0.5% + MCPA 1%)

Plant growth regulator with stimulant and fruit set action. FENGIB is a growth regulator in concentrated emulsion that stimulates flower induction and fruit set. Fruits treated have a larger and  [...]