Organic farmingTransparency without heat.
TransPAR® is a product in gel formulation able to reduce the temperature inside greenhouses and tunnel. It reflects in effective way the infrared rays and it allows only the photosynthetic useful radiations (PAR). The plants protected with TransPAR® look more compact and healthier. TransPar® has to be diluted with water and, sprayed on the surface, forms a homogeneous and transparent film. Just one application is enough at season beginning. TransPAR® is unscented and harmless for the users, for the environment and for the structures. It is biodegradable for over 90% in one year and can be used in ORGANIC FARMING. TransPAR® is rain resistant and has a protective effectiveness for different months. TransPAR® is a trademarks of Sudlac-France.

Formulation: Gel

Interested crops and directions for use 

colture protettevivaio ortofloricolo

Crops Application Doses Treatment
Greenhouses on the outer coveringfor protective coverages, shadowing, light diffusion, etc. 1 part of TransPAR ® in 2-4 parts of water Spray on the coverage of the greenhouse.

TransPAR® can be easely removed with LDNet or TopClear.

4 x 4 kg
15 kg