Sucker controlling plant growth regulator

SPOLLONANTE G is a NAA based on liquid plant growth regulator which is able to reduce the development of the unwelcome sucker, growth on fruit trees, grapevine, olive, hazel.
By using this product, you will not have to hand control the sucker growing.

Formulation: Liquid

Pure NAA (Naphthalene acetic acid) 10 g
Wetting and stabiliser solvent agent as required for 100 g

Registration number: Reg. N° 7640 dated 12.01.1989 of the Italian Ministry of Health

Warning: Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information. Pay attention to phrases and hazard symbols on the label.

Interested crops and directions for use

Crops application Doses Treatment
Pome fruits (apple, pear, quince, nashi), stone fruits (peach, nectarine, percoche, cherry, sour black cherry, apricot, plum), fruit crops (table grapevine, wine grapevine, actinidia, almond, walnut, olive, figs, khaki, hazelnut, chestnut, medlar), citrus (orange, mandarin, clementine, lemon, satsuma, kumquat, grapefruit), trees and shrubs.  foliarfogliare 1L/10L The solution must be prepared keeping it after continuous shaking. It must be sprayed by means of a nozzle sending the jet towards the suckers, mainly wetting on the tops and carefully avoiding to wet the other green parts of the plant treated.
Any possible spray on the trunk proved not to cause damage.
Such treatment must be carried out when suckers have reached a high leaf development, although they are not yet woody
This generally occurs when suckers are 10-20 cm high.

24 x 500 ml
12 x 1000 ml