L. Gobbi has been working for more than sixty years in Italy, having reached a steady position of market leader in the sector of plant growth regulators, foliar fertilisers, chelate meso and microelements, soil conditioners and other products for the agricultural industry, including organic products and biostimulants. For distribution of its L. Gobbi Srl employs a sales network of qualified and professional technical staff, covering the entire Italian territory.

Since the eighties, through direct partnership with the German company E. Gerlach GmbH, it has opened up towards international markets. The exchanges of experiences and knowledge resulted in a great boost to Research and Development activities.
Thanks to this, L. Gobbi has successfully entered into business relationships with several countries, European and extra-European.
The parent company, E. Gerlach – Germany, operates at the highest levels in Europe in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, playing a leading role especially in the sector of personal care and cosmetics. During the last few years, due to the growing ecological awareness of L. Gobbi’s managers, the company’s research and production have been increasingly oriented towards more friendly products, suitable for use in organic farming (natural products) or – thanks to their low environmental impact – to be used even where it is necessary to comply with the provisions of the integrated use of pesticides (I.P.M.).

Company profile

  • 1955 – Beginning of the activity of the Company “Comm. Ludovico Gobbi” in the agrochemical business, trading E. Gerlach plant growth regulators.
    Old Gobbi Logo

    The old Comm. Ludovico Gobbi’s Logo – Founder of the homonymous company.

  • 1981 – Establishment of L. Gobbi Ltd with direct sharing of E. Gerlach.
  • 1985 – Expansion of the product range and opening to international partnerships.
  • 1997 – Moving to the new plant of Campo Ligure and strengthening of export activity.
  • 2005 – European Notification of the PGR’s ex 91/414.
  • 2010 – Further expansion and consolidation of the foreign countries partnership network.
  • 2013 – Annex III Dossiers submission in several EU countries.
  • 2021 – Ri-registration of PGR’s actives.

Since 1955 serving growers

Skill, energy and optimism have allowed L. Gobbi to reach the milestone of more than sixty years of activity, and this makes us proud to share our knowledge with our customers.
The direct presence of Gerlach, active in the market for 150 years, was a guarantee of development and ensured solid expansion for the younger Italian company. Sixty years of experience and care in building a faithful and dynamic commercial network. Sixty years of challenges and continuous innovations through research as well as a far-seeing and keen approach to the market in the prospects of the new millennium.
Sixty years of commitment in line with the slogan “With Nature, For Nature” and focusing research in the direction of products with low environmental impact. All this is Gobbi, a company projected into the future with strong beliefs, awareness and exciting dynamism.

Why that “G”?

Because G is a recurrent letter within L. Gobbi srl’s history. You can find “G” in Gobbi, as well as in Genoa, but also in Gerlach and in Germany too … A lot of the products we sell begins by “G”, that is to say the same products resulting from the Italian-German fifty year – cooperation between Gobbi and Gerlach: a combination which means reliability and expertise, as well as a warrant of safety and high quality levels. It is G because we do like to imagine that we can do small “Great” things every day.