Organic farming

Solution of filtrated seaweed cream.

Alga Special® is a liquid concentrated formulation of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, coming from the Northern Europe cold seas. It is extracted in cold condition and no other substance is added to it. In its composition, naturally balanced, we find over 60 different organic elements, including macro and microelements, natural phytohormones (auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins), vitamins, enzymes, peptides, free amino acids, phytochromatic substances and carbohydrates, of which any plants can quickly and completely take advantage of both leaf and root. Treatment with Alga Special® improves vegetative, productive and qualitative growth in all crops, optimizing their metabolism and increasing their trophic activity. It increases the ability to synthesize the hormonal substances of its own, so that even the weakest plants are benefiting by improving their physiological state. It improves the resistance to physiopathies due to imbalances and to the stresses of a biotic and abiotic nature, it improves the fragrance, the coloring and the storability of fruit and vegetables. It increases the sugar content and it raises the nutritive value of all the vegetables.

Formulation: Liquid

C organic 3%
Mannitol 6 g / L

Interested crops and directions for use

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Crops  APPLICATION Doses Treatment
All crops Foliar applicationfogliare 100-200 ml/hl Post-harvest treatments: in order to promote  accumulation of reserve substances in the buds for the following season, in association with Urea and Boron.
Stone fruits (peach, cherry, plum apricot, etc.) and citrus fruits  Foliar applicationfogliare 150 ml/hl To stimulate the fruit setting, to increase floral induction and the sugar content as well.
Pome fruits (apples and pears)  Foliar applicationfogliare 150 ml/hl Spring and summer treatments: to encourage setting and growth of fruits and to improve coloring, it increases the consistency of the pulp, the dry substance content and the degree of acidity.
Grapevine growing  Foliar applicationfogliare 150 ml/hl To increase production and its sugar content, to stimulate grape separation along with the skin hardness so increasing its resistance to Botrytis.
Vegetable and nurseries  Foliar applicationfogliare 100-200 ml/hl _
Flower growing  Foliar applicationfogliare 200 ml/hl _
 All crops Radical applicationRadicale 200-400 ml/1000 m2 _

12 x 1000 ml
4 x 5 L
10 L
200 L