Solution of Magnesium Chloride.
, thanks to concentrated extracts of seaweed belonging to Laminaria digitata, as well as to its high magnesium concentration is particularly indicated to prevent and treat several physiopathologies arising from a deficiency or unavailability of magnesium itself.
This product is based on a high concentration of alginates (for a better carriage of nutritive principles inside the leaf), vitamins, oligosaccharides (to increase plant resistance to environmental and physiological stresses) and microelements as well.

Formulation: Liquid

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) soluble in water 13%

Interested crops and directions for use
frutticolturameloperopescociliegioactinidiasusinoalbicoccopiccoli fruttiviteolivoagrumiorticolturapomodoropeperonezucchinomelanzanacarciofopatatasedano e spinaciolattugaaglio e cipollafloricolturacolture protettetabaccocolture estensive ed industrialivivaio fruttavivaio ortofloricolo

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Grapevine Foliar applicationfogliare 5 L/ha At the end of setting, at the beginning of the change of colour as well as when the change of colour has finished.
Grapevine Foliar applicationfogliare 10 L/ha In case of serious phenomena of rachis drying.
Fruit growing, olive growing, citrus growing, vegetable growing, etc. 3-5 L/ha Repeating as requested.

12 x 1.26 kg
4 x 6.3 kg
1 x 12.6 kg