Organic farmingSuspended fluid aminoacids from animal sources processing. 
is a quick effect bio-stimulant based on a mixture of free amino-acids, peptides, peptones and polypeptides obtained from a careful and precise hydrolysis, for foliar application. Plants, through enzymatic reactions, can synthesise amino-acids from organic acid built with photosynthesis and Nitrogen absorbed by soil, or they can produce new amino-acids by converting the existing ones into new ones.
Protein synthesis begins from the single amino-acids and in case one amino-acid is missing, this will stop the synthesis of all proteins containing such amino-acid. The direct supply of amino-acids allows the plant to absorb ready to use molecules, so preventing the protein synthesis stop.
This direct supply satisfies the natural needs of amino-acids so plants do not have to loose their time and energy to synthesise them and the outcome from the foliar application is pretty immediate.
You will be able to observe an immediate answer on plants which have been under stressing conditions for a lot of reasons: parasitic attacks, frost, phenological particular period, etc.
AMIWUCHS can be mixed with many fertilisers and pesticides, the effectiveness of which will be then increased, so helping its absorption and carriage inside the treated plant.

Formulation: Liquid

Composition (w/w)
Amino acidic complex constituted by a mixture of free amino acids, peptides, peptones and polypeptides: 24 %; Total nitrogen: 9%; Organic nitrogen: 5.3%; Organic carbon (C): 17.4%.

Interested crops and directions for use 

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Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Fruit growing and citrus growing Foliar application
80-120 ml/hl Plants must be fine wetted with the solution. Repeat 2-3 times at the vegetative regrowth, at petal fall and at the fruit development.
Vegetable growing  Foliar application
40-80 ml/hl Plants must be fine wetted with the solution. Carry out 3-5 applications at 10-15 day-intervals, starting from a week after the transplantation. In case it will be applied after the seeding period, start as soon as small plants are 5-10 cm high.
All crops Radical applicationRadicale 2-5 L/ha Amiwuchs can be applied even by roots way.

12 x 1 kg
4 x 6 kg