Organic farmingAsperium® is a mycorrhizal fungi inoculum that applied on the soil or substratum favors a high biological activity and, as a result, the development of the roots. In a sub-acid environment, it helps the development of beneficial fungi for plants who have the ability to improve the environment explored by the roots, helping their health, growth and functionality.
The micorganisms, contained in the composition, are very important and useful to plants. Infact they produce special substances capable of increasing the strength and vitality of the plant. They also have a phytostimulating activity, proven by the production of auxin-like substances useful for the growth of the plant.
Asperium® unlocks the insoluble phosphorus present in the soil, making it available for the plant and it degrades organic residues, including some pesticides.
Asperium® does not contain genetically modified organisms. Optimum pH 6-6,5.

Type of organic improver:
Simple non-composted vegetal improver
Content in Mycorrhiza: 1%
Content in rhizosphere bacteria: 10CFU/g
Content in Trichoderma spp: 10CFU/g

Other components: The product does not contain genetically modified organisms and pathogenic organisms (salmonella, faecal coliforms, aerobic mesophiles and nematodes eggs).

Raw material: mycorrhizal fungi inoculum.

Interested crops and directions for use
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Fruit farming RadicalRadicale 3-4 kg/ha Before or immediately after the planting of the young tree.
Fruit farming
RadicalRadicale 3 kg/ha Wetting well the seed germination substratum. Repeat when the seedlings are fully emerged.
Horticulture (greenhouse and open field) RadicalRadicale  3 kg/ha Perform the first intervention, a few days before the transplanting.
Repeat about thirty days later.
Horticulture (nursery) RadicalRadicale 3 kg/ha Wet well the containers just taken out from the germination chamber. Repeat halfway through the growth cycle of the crop.
 Soilless crops Hydroponic
100 g/m2 Repeat the treatment at least once every 30 days.
Lawn RadicalRadicale 4 kg/ha Intervene when first symptoms of yellowing appear.

12 x 1 kg