“Autorização excecional ao abrigo do Art.o 53 do Regulamento (CE) no 1107/2009, de 21 de outubro para utilização do produto DIRA MAX LG para a monda química de frutos em macieira e pereira.”

Dear apple and pear growers, dear friends.

We have the pleasure to announce that finally, thanks to some Growers Organization and with the help of a very active partner, our product DiraMax LG has got the “AUTORIZAÇÃO EXCECIONAL DE EMERGÊNCIA”, N.° 2016/13, in Portugal, on april 22nd. DiraMax LG is a formulation for fruit thinning purpose in apples and pears based on 4% BA and 0.4% NAA. It is already present on the italian market since 10 years. Hoping to find your interest and, as the application time is quickly approaching, we are asking you to reply to this news (c.peri@lgobbi.it). You will be immediately informed about the logistic details for getting the product.