Setting plant growth regulator.
4 is a powder plant growth regulator having a fruit setting action. It is based on two auxinic active ingredients designed specifically for applications on apple and pear. The product is able to improve fruits setting and quality, especially on those varieties which are prone to poor fruit set. Auxiset® 4 stimulates the parthenocarpic fruiting but even improves formation of those fruits that has been regularly pollinated.

Formulation: Powder

Pure NAD (Naphthylacet amide) 3.6 g
Pure NAA (Naphtylacetic acid) 0.4 g
Coformulants as required for g 100

Registration number: Reg. N. 12715 dated 21/08/2008 of the Italian Ministry of Health

Warning: Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information. Pay attention to phrases and hazard symbols on the label.

Interested crops and directions for use


Pear tree

Abate Fétel

Foliar applicationfogliare

800-950 g/ha The treatment should be done at the white bud stage. Then a treatment with Progerbalin LG (200-300 ml/ha) at 10-20 % open flowers stage, repeating after 2-3 days at the same dosage, should be done. Alternatively perform two treatments with Auxiset® 4 at 10-20 % and at 50% of open flowers stages.
Pear tree

other cvs.

Foliar applicationfogliare 600-1500 g/ha Only one application is enough and it must be done when 10-20% of flowers are open.
Apple tree

Foliar applicationfogliare

1000-1800 g/ha Only one application is enough and it must be done when 10-20% of flowers are open.

Quantities of 800-1200 L/ha of water are advisable for pear trees  while 1000-1500 L/ha are advisable for apple trees. Lower quantities of water may be employed while maintaining unchanged the dose per hectare of the product.

75 x 100 g
40 x 250 g
10 x 500 g
10 x 1 kg