Protective and cicatrising paste.
This product has been studied for shrub and tree wounds and for grafts as well.
BAUMBALSAMO forms a weather agent resisting film which, at the same time, allows plant’s respiration and stays elastic.
Furthermore, product characteristics also stimulate both callus formation and an anti-fungus action.
BAUMBALSAMO does not include organic solvents and it can be water diluted, if necessary, although, since it is a build-up gel, accurately mixing the paste is enough so that it can return to its original required characteristics of plasticity.
BAUMBALSAMO does not drop, so it can be efficiently used in all other works requiring it as a mixture with other products, in liquid formulation too.

Formulation: Paste

Interested crops and directions for use
frutticolturameloperopescociliegioactinidiasusinoalbicoccoviteolivoagrumifloricolturacolture protettevivaio fruttavivaio ortofloricolo

Apply an uniform and continue coating of BAUMBALSAMO by means of a spatula or a brush on the damaged part, on cut surfaces or wounds, having previously and carefully cleaned the surface to be treated.
Thanks to its protective film, which quickly dries, no bandaging is required.
Grafts: The application of BAUMBALSAMO on the previously applied grafting band will protect and prevent from, by a physical-mechanical point of view, various infections. BAUMBALSAMO is a ready-to–use product.

75 x 250 g
18 x 1 kg
4 x 6 kg