Simple non-composted organic conditioner.
BioMass Sugar ®
is an organic soil conditioner, with a unique formulation consisting in sugar and its derivatives, furthermore macronutrients and trace elements, produced from annual renewable raw materials sources are contained as well. It strengthens and stimulates the proliferation of roots by improving the resistance to pest attacks by limiting the damage. BioMass Sugar ® is a formulation of emulsifiable extracts and hydrolysates of sugarcane containing a series of macro-nutrients, trace elements and sugars. The action of BioMass Sugar ® is provided through:

  • The stimulation of beneficial organisms and the increase of the enzymatic activity for the microbial balance of the carbon/nitrogen ratio in the soil. The additional carbon available to the ground allows the microorganisms to metabolize the excess nitrogen and to proliferate.
  • The creation, in the ground, of a healthier environment for the presence of telluric micro-organisms and the establishment of symbiotic relationships with plants.

The stimulation of the growth of the vegetative and of the radical apparata with increased resistance to the damage inflicted by the attacks of various soil organisms. Repeated applications throughout the season strengthen and protect the crop from environmental stress and possible impacts with various infections and infestations.

Formulation: Liquid

Organic carbon (C) from biological origin, on dry matter: 43 %
Organic Nitrogen (N) on dry matter: 0.4 %
Salinity at 20 °C: 133 µS/cm
Peat content: 0 %
The product also contains:
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 0.23 % on dry matter
Potassium oxide (K2O) total 2.9 % on dry matter
pH: 6

Interested crops and directions for use

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Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Vegetables Pre-transplanting. By root wayRadicale 80 L/ha The applications in pre-implantation must be made at least 7 days before transplantation of plants. The cultivation area shall be determined by deducting roads and passes from the total surface areas.
Vegetables Post-transplanting. By root wayRadicale 20-40 L/ha Maintenance applications: apply only to plants that have been in the process of actively growing. At least 3 weeks after transplantation. Maintain an interval between successive applications of 2 – 3 weeks. To get a good effectiveness should be guaranteed at least 3 applications during the season. Susceptible crops: some species (Flowers and cucurbits) are more sensitive to the treatments. On these species are therefore recommended to apply the lower dose. The cultivation area shall be determined by deducting roads and passes from the total surface areas.
Hydroponic Hydroponiccolture fuori suolo/idroponica 2 L/ha every 3 weeks.
Golf Greens, Golf Tees, Golf Airways, Bowling Greens, Sports Pitches By root wayRadicale 40 L/ha To ensure healthy turf, during the active growing season: apply only to plants in active growth. At least 3 weeks after transplantation. Maintain 3-4 weeks among following applications. Use it with 360 L/ha of water. Only on turfgrass at the beginning of the season or heavy stressed, start with 80 L/ha of BioMass Sugar® diluted in 520 L of water (for a total of 600 L/ha).
Orchards By root wayRadicale 80 L/ha Three treatments at 7-10 days intervals in early spring. Repeat in the same way in the autumn just after the leaves have fallen and before the resting vegetative has started.
All bearing fruit crops, Grapes, Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), Bearing fruit vegetables (mainly tomatoes) By root wayRadicale 10 L/ha To increase sugar content, epidermis hardness, shelf life and organoleptic features of the fruit. Treat preferably every 15 days. Compatibly with the length of the crop cycle, repeat treatments up to 6 times, by placing at least two treatments after the start of veraison in woody or shrubs fruit plants. In berries treat every 7-10 days starting from the end of flowering. In the bearing fruit vegetables (especially tomatoes) treat monthly, starting from the beginning of ripening of the first fruits.

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