Solution of fertiliser NP 6-17.
BupHer 5 LG is an acidifying fertilizer, containing a built-in pH indicator that changes the color of water depending on the pH reached: yellow at pH values above 6.0, from intense pink to red at pH values lower than 4.5. At intermediate pH values the solution changes from intense yellow to pink passing through orange. The acidification of  solution with BupHer 5 LG allows to reach the pH value of 4.5-5.5, ideal for a greater effectiveness of the treatments through the improvement of the solubilization and transmittal of nutrients. BupHer 5 LG reduces the surface tension, it ensures a greater wettability and, as a result, it improves the absorption of substances applied. It is stable when in solution and can be used with the main pesticides, plant growth regulators and fertilizers.

Formulation: Liquid

Total nitrogen (N) %
reic nitrogen (N) %
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 17 %

Interested crops and directions for use
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By rootfoliar

Fill the sprayer with approximately half the volume of water, then keep shaking while adding BupHer 5 LG, as long as the solution changes from yellow to a uniform pink-red colour. The quantity varies based on pH value and water hardness: for fresh water with low contents of salt, 40-50 ml/hl of product are enough, for very hard waters, it may be necessary to add up to 250-300 ml/hl of BupHer 5 LG. Pour the products to be used in previously acidified water: if, after adding the product, the colour of the solution remains unchanged, just dilute to volume with the remaining part of water. If the solution becomes yellow again, repeat acidification with BupHer 5 LG: in this case, in consideration of the high conductivity of the solution, the dose required to bring the pH value to optimal levels may be up to 500 ml/hl of BupHer 5 LG.

The product can be employed also with substances having a low pH, provided great care is taken in the quantity of BupHer 5 LG used, which may be lower than that indicated. In this case, it is recommended that the pH value is corrected only after the addition of the acid formulation.


12 x 1 kg
4 x 6 kg