Organic nitrogen fertiliser – liquid vinasse + Ca + Mg.
Liquid fertilizer containing organically bound calcium and magnesium.  Ca-Mg-Biotrissol® is characterized by a high content in gluconic acid. Ideal to tackle and fight calcium deficiency in all plants, preventing the outbreak of leaf drop in Golden Delicious variety, rachis drying in vine growing and blossom-end rot in horticultural plants.

Formulation: Liquid

Organic nitrogen (N) 1.5 %
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 4 %
Organic carbon (C) 10 %
Calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water 8 %
Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water 2 %

Interested crops and directions for use
frutticolturameloperopescociliegioactinidiasusinoalbicoccopiccoli fruttiviteolivoagrumiorticolturapomodoropeperonezucchinomelanzanacarciofopatatasedano e spinaciolattugaaglio e cipollafloricolturacolture protettetabaccocolture estensive ed industrialivivaio fruttavivaio ortofloricolo

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
All crops Foliar applicationfogliare 200-250 ml/hl (=300-350 g/hl) Starting from the first days of June, at intervals of approx. 10-14 days.
Recommended doses vary according to crop condition.
Follow the specific application schemes.

12 x 1 kg
2 x 13,5 kg