Solution of iron-based fertiliser (EDTA)

AWARD PRODUCT! A natural anti-heat for plants. It increases their resistance to summer heat peaks and waves.
Cropaid is an organic source of chelated iron carefully formulated for foliar application, fertigation and even for soil-less crops. It is also suitable for ornamental plants when mixed with fertilisers to use both in growing substrates and traditional production systems. Also suitable for strawberries and small fruit in general. The product is absorbed by the leaves and roots, and increases resistance to intense heat.
CROPAID is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials.
It increases the resistance of crops to biotic and abiotic stress conditions. Fast and easy to use. Applicable through the roots and leaves. Formulation is fully compatible: it prevents the formation of sludge, sediment and leaves the drip lines clean.
(See also: CropAid AntiFrost)

Formulation: Liquid

Iron (Fe) soluble in water  2.5%
Iron (Fe) chelated with EDTA  2.1%

Warnings: It is advisable to finely atomize the solution all over the whole plant, in the period in which the temperature increase is expected, by acting every 7 days. In this way, the protection of the plant is ensured.  The latest recommended application should be no later than 48 hours prior to the extreme heat. Preferably use water with a low or, better, without chlorine and with a pH below 7. Do not mix with alkaline products and do not use wetting agents. Apply during the coldest hours of the day, early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Plants should not be under stress before application. The effect is temporary so the treatment should be repeated after 7-15 days if necessary.
Apply at least 3 applications, once every two weeks during the growing season. Do not apply any other products or irrigate the plants at least six hours after the application otherwise the product will get washed off.

Interested crops and directions for use
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Crops application doses treatment
Horticulture Foliar applicationfogliare 2-3 L/ha Process up to the run-off point. Used at a concentration of 500 ml/hl.
Fruit crops, trees growing. Foliar applicationfogliare 4-5 L/ha Process up to the run-off point. Used at a concentration of 500 ml/hl.
All crops Radical applicationRadicale 2 L per 10 kg of fertilizer In blend with a water-soluble fertilizer.
All crops Soillesssoilless 5 L per 10,000 L of working solution In continuing fertigation.

12 x 1000 ml