Thinning plant regulator.

The product is a blend of the plant growth regulators BA and NAA having fruit thinning action, both on traditional varieties such as Golden, Gala, etc., and both on the most recent ones, like Fuji. Auxins and cytokinins, applied in order to thin fruit clusters, determine a selectively distribution of assimilated substances inside the cluster, increasing availability for the king fruit (or in any case for the more developed fruit) and therefore increasing its differentiation respect to lateral ones. The use of DIRA-MAX LG produces an increasing and a uniformity in size and makes the blossoming more regular.

Formulation: Liquid

Pure BA (6-benzyladenine) 4 g
Pure NAA (alpha naphthylacetic acid) 0.4 g
Wetting, solvent and stabilizing agent as requested for 100 g

Registration number: Reg. N° 13095 dated 27.03.2007

Warning: Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information. Pay attention to phrases and hazard symbols on the label.

Interested crops and directions for use

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Apple tree Foliar applicationfogliare 250-375 ml/hl Apply when small fruits on 2 or more year plants are approx. 10-15 mm in diameter.

24 x 500 ml
12 x 1000 ml
4 x 5 L