Neutral product for the water condensation control on the greenhouse covering.
Water condensation on the inner surface of the greenhouses constitutes an obstacle to the light penetration. The condensation drops that are generated have several undesirable effects on crops: uneven distribution of natural light, “lens effect”, etc. In addition, the dripping of condensed water causes the uncomfortable conditions for the operators. For his hydrophilic action, DropStop creates a layer translucent, smooth and homogenous, which significantly reduces all negative factors described.

Formulation: Liquid

Interested crops and directions for use
colture protettevivaio ortofloricolo

Tunnels and greenhouses

 On the inner coveringfor protective coverages, shadowing, light diffusion, etc.

1 L per 40-70 L of water The solution obtained is sufficient to treat a surface from 400 to 700 m2.
Spray on clean and dry surfaces. Preferably when the substrate and the air temperature are in balance. The product becomes effective after about an hour from its application.

6 x 2 L
4 x 5 L