Product to quickly remove Eclipse line shading products from the greenhouses.
is a specific product to quickly remove the Eclipse line shading products (except LD) from the greenhouse coverage.
No brushing is required and the cleanness degree depends on the previous dilution.
It is particularly useful to remove residuals of previous shading treatments.
EclipseNet leaves the greenhouse coverage  perfectly clean and transparent.
EclipseNet is a chemical product for professional use only.

Formulation: Liquid

Interested crops and directions for use
colture protettevivaio ortofloricolo

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Greenhouses  on the outer coveringfor protective coverages, shadowing, light diffusion, etc. Dilute a part of EclipseNet into 2-4 parts of water, depending on the shading intensity. Obviously, higher product concentration shall be applied on covers where thicker shading product has been applied and vice versa.
Please spray this solution on the surface to clean, let it act for some minutes, then rinse with water.
12 x 1 kg
4 x 6 kg
12 kg