NK 5-10 mineral compound fluid fertiliser containing microelements

EG 118 is dedicated to plants suffering from multimicronutritive element deficiencies.
It is particularly good against such deficiencies, to quickly improve the vegetative condition of plants suffering from parasitic attacks, as well as to prevent flower abortion and first fruit drop.
EG 118 is specifically applied in case of Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc deficiencies.

Formulation: Liquid

Total nitrogen (N) 5 %
Ureic nitrogen (N) 4.2 %
Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water 10 %
Boron (B) soluble in water 0.06 %
Copper (Cu) chelated with EDTA – soluble in water 0.2 %
Iron (Fe) chelated with EDTA – soluble in water 0.45 %
Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA – soluble in water 0.5 %
Zinc (Zn) chelated with EDTA – soluble in water 0.55 %

Interested crops and directions for use
frutticolturameloperopescociliegioactinidiasusinoalbicoccopiccoli fruttiviteolivoagrumiorticolturapomodoropeperonezucchinomelanzanacarciofopatatasedano e spinaciolattugaaglio e cipollafloricolturacolture protettetabaccocolture estensive ed industrialivivaio fruttavivaio ortofloricolo

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Preventive treatments foliar applicationfogliare 100-150 ml/hl Repeat periodically.
‘Medical’ treatments foliar applicationfogliare 500 ml/hl Repeat about every 15-20 days.
Radical applicationRadicale 500 ml/hl As far as vegetables, flowers, ornamental and pot-plants in general, directly water the soil. As far as fruit growing and arboreal plants in general, Product must touch roots by means of an injector pole or by digging external (i.e.1-2 m from the trunk) drills of about 20-40 cm depth, where products will be entered.
We recommend to add Gerhumin – activated humic acids – in 30-50 ml per 100 L both for foliar and radical application.

50 x 100 ml
12 x 1000 ml
4 x 5 L