Organic product with repellent action.
is a concentrated natural product totally based on vegetal extracts.
ENVIREPEL increases treated plants’resistance to insects, nematoda, ticks, snails.

Formulation: Liquid

Garlic natural extracts.

Warning: Water pH control is very important: it must not be over 6.3.
Otherwise, please correct by adding an acid reacting product (Phosphoric acid, citric acid, etc.).
pH correction must be carried out before applying ENVIREPEL.
Preferably apply before the infestation appears, by repeating the treatment every 15 days.

Interested crops and directions for use
frutticolturameloperopescociliegioactinidiasusinoalbicoccopiccoli fruttiviteolivoagrumiorticolturapomodoropeperonezucchinomelanzanacarciofopatatasedano e spinaciolattugaaglio e cipollafloricolturacolture protettetabaccocolture estensive ed industrialivivaio fruttavivaio ortofloricolo

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Fruit growing, olive growing, grapevine, vegetable growing, citrus growing, extensive and industrial crops, ornamental plants, greenhouse  Foliar applicationfogliare 1 L/ha Please make use of concentrations equal to 100-400 ml/hl. We recommend to work at low or extra-low volume.
In case an infestation is running, for the first time apply in a mixture with other usual insecticides by repeating the application of ENVIREPEL only a week later. ENVIREPEL’s effects last for about 15 days.

24 x 500 ml
12 x 1000 ml
4 x 5 L