Simple mineral fertiliser. Ammonium thiosulphate solution.
Ger-ATS LG is a nitrogen based mineral fertilizer with a high sulphur content, which makes it ideal for supplying sulphate to plants, both alone and in combination with other formulations, integrating their ammonia nitrogen contents. Ger-ATS LG is a chemical soil corrective for alkaline-calcareous and saline soils. Ger-ATS LG regulates nitrogen availability and acts on nitrification and urease to increase efficiency of nitrogen based fertilizers. Ger-ATS LG improves absorption of microelements and in particular of iron and manganese. Ideal as carrier for weed control. Crops making the most from sulphur supply are: garlic, cabbage, chicory, onion, rape, leek, turnip, radish. The following crops will benefit to a lower extent: alfalfa, clover, broad bean and tick-bean, bean, pea, carrot, soybean and sunflower followed by wheat, barley, maize, beet, potatoes, apple, pear, actinidia, apricot, peach, cherry, plum, grape.

Formulation: Liquid

Total nitrogen (N) 12 %
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) 12 %
Sulphuric anhydride (SO3) soluble in water 65 %

Interested crops and directions for use
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Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, chicory, onion, rape, leek, turnip, radish, arugula, scallions, pea, bean, green bean, legumes in general, carrot, sunflower, wheat, barley, maize, sugar beet, potato, apple, pear, kiwi, apricot, peach, cherry, plum, vine. Foliar applicationfogliare 3-5 L/ha Perform one or more applications at a distance of 10-15 days.
All crops Foliar applicationfogliare 1.5-2.5 L/ha as a carrier for herbicides (eg glyphosate) mixed with them.
Orchards Foliar applicationfogliare 3-5 L/ha High doses may promote a thinning action .
Apple Foliar applicationfogliare 1-1.2 L/hl Two treatments. The first one when the flowers on the wood of several years are in full bloom. The second one when the floers on the wood of the year are in full bloom.
All crops Radical applicationRadicale 10 % of the UAN amount Ger-ATS LG complements the nitrogenous fertilization with Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN).
All crops Radical applicationRadicale 400 L/ha As anti chlorotic, blended with iron chelate. The dose of iron chelate normally used can be reduced.

12 x 1 L
4 x 5 L
10 L