Stimulant plant growth regulator.
is a plant growth regulator which has been considered interesting and useful to be used on some cultivars of pear and apple tree.
In case of particular environmental conditions, apple tree’s fruits belonging to red Delicious, either normal or Spur, tend to have a flat shape.
GERLAGIB LG causes a shape change (a stretching) according to the most typical standards of the areas involved.
On Golden Delicious, GERLAGIB LG considerably reduces or prevents from rust: a kind of physiopathology causing an important production depreciation. Such product proved its capacity of decreasing the frost damages so helping the fruit setting in case of frosts during the flowering.

Formulation: Liquid

Pure Gibberellin A4 – A7 1 g
Adjuvant agents as requested for 100 g

Registration number: Reg. n° 11185 del 05.02.2002 of the Italian Ministry of Health

Warning: Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information. Pay attention to phrases and hazard symbols on the label.

Interested crops and directions for use

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Apple tree

Red Delicious

Foliar applicationfogliare 100-130 ml/hl (one application) Treat between 80 % of open flowers and the following petal fall.
Apple tree

Red Delicious

Foliar applicationfogliare 50-80 ml/hl (two applications) After 7 – 10 days from the first.
Apple tree

Golden Delicious

Foliar applicationfogliare 40-50 ml/hl Carry out the first treatment at the flowering end and then carry out 2-3 applications after 7-10 days from each other.
Apple tree


Foliar applicationfogliare 30-40 ml/hl It encourages the shape improvement, it advances the leaf apparatus emission and development, it improves the flowering homogeneity, it increases the product quantity at the first detachment.
Carry out 4 applications each 10-12 days starting from the pre-flowering stage.
Apple tree

other apple cvs

Foliar applicationfogliare 50-60 ml/hl During the flowering period it should be repeated twice.
Pear tree Foliar applicationfogliare 80-100 ml/hl (one application) A better setting.
Apply at the flowering beginning.
Pear tree Foliar applicationfogliare 30-50 ml/hl (two applications) A better setting.
Carry out the first treatment when 30-40 % of flowers are open and the second within the following 2-3 days.

12 x 1000 ml