Fertilizer based on complexed iron with amino acids and peptides (Fe 7%).

IronGlep® 7WPG is a micro granulated powder fertilizer based on complexed iron with amino acids from vegetals and vitamins. Amino acids activate the physiological processes of the plant improving vegetative and radical growth, increasing the absorption of nutrients. They also help the plant to overcome adverse situations as water stress and heat. The complexing power of amino acids improves the absorption and the speed of the iron translocation in the plant, in any environment and at any pH value, both for foliar or radical somministration, while maintaining or restoring the color of the foliage to the values ​​of green more intensive. IronGlep® 7WPG can be applied as foliar as by roots to any culture that requires an intake of iron. IronGlep® 7WPG, even at high doses, is well tolerated by plants and does not cause any phytotoxicity. The product is highly soluble, does not generate dust because formulated in micro-granules, it has a high iron content (7%) and only contains amino acids from vegetals and vitamins. It also has a neutral pH and a low hygroscopicity.

Formulation: micro granulated powder

Iron (Fe) soluble in water 7%
Iron (Fe) in complexed form 6%
Complexing agent: hydrolyzated protein

Interested crops and directions for use
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Vegetables, ornamental and intensive crops Foliar applicationfogliare 50-200 g/hl Apply when plants are growing, after transplantation or when the first signs of deficiency are appearing. Repeat every 2-3 weeks as needed. In fruit vegetables (tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, melon, squash, strawberry, etc.) apply before flowering.
Citrus, fruit trees, olive trees Foliar applicationfogliare 50-200 g/hl Apply annually at the new vegetative growth stage and at the summer one.
Citrus, fruit trees, olive trees … (depending on the intensity of chlorosis and the vegetative growth) Radical applicationRadicale New plants
5-15 g/plant
Apply annually in springtime
Beginning of production
15-25 g/plant
Full production
30-60 g/plant
Horticultural and ornamental crops Radical applicationRadicale 1-5 g/m2 Apply when culture is in full development.
Grapevine Radical applicationRadicale New plants
3-5 g/plant
Apply annually in springtime
Full production
5-10 g/plant
Extensive crops Radical applicationRadicale 5-10 kg/ha Apply when culture is in full development. Split the total dose in most applications.
Nursery Radical applicationRadicale 3-5 g/m2

In fertigation, in order to obtain the maximum effectiveness from the application of the product, the iron should be brought close to the area of exploration of the roots. Direct injections of the product into the soil using piles injectors, or by localized or drip fertigation are suggested.

12 x 1 kg
5 x 5 kg