LG 81 has been formulated to activate beneficial soil microbial activity. LG 81 contains a mixture of enzymes and metabolites derived from the biological fermentation of plant extracts, natural cytokinins, chelated trace elements and macro NPK. The product is nonviable and contains no living organisms.


  • Stimulates mycorrhizal colonisation
  • Improves and repairs soil structure
  • Improves drainage
  • Improves moisture holding capacity
  • Improves nutrient mineralisation and plant uptake of P, Ca, Zn and Fe
  • Off sets negative impact of herbicides on microbial populations
  • Encourages root growth
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Aids in suppressing soil pathogens

Mycorrhizae play an important role in maintaining soil health and regulating plant growth. LG 81 uses the metabolites from the fermentation of plant extracts to stimulate the indigenous populations of these beneficial fungi. The fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plant, attaching themselves to the roots. In exchange for simple sugars they extend a fine network hyphae into areas of soil that the plant’s own roots would not otherwise be able to access. This greatly increases the volume of soil the plant has access to for mineralisation and in particular increases Phosphate and Zinc uptake. The metabolites in LG 81 also stimulate root growth. The additional fine feeder root growth directly increases Calcium uptake. The microbes stimulated by LG 81 aid in repairing soil structure. They produce the gums and glues that bind fine soil particles together to form aggregates. This process puts the structure back into the soil, aiding aeration and drainage and encourages further root growth. LG 81 is recommended for use in all top fruit, vegetables, berries, hydroponics, container crops, turf, cereals, pasture and lucerne. LG 81 can be applied with standard spray equipment or irrigation systems. See over leaf for specific crop directions.