Over the last few years, the growing ecological awareness of L. Gobbi S.r.l., derived from the observation of natural phenomena, has led the company to orientate towards the production of sustainable technical means suitable for use in organic and / or integrated agriculture.

MicroLINE was born from the need to not alter the ecological balance and to make possible healthy and high production, asking for help to nature itself.

MicroLINE, is the result of a collaboration with National and International Research Institutes.

The formula of products consist of microorganisms (predominantly fungi) that are naturally present in healthy soils, creating a symbiosis of mutualism with the roots of plants. Mycorrhized plants will be healthier, vigorous, productive and more resistant to biotic and abiotic stress factors.


All the strains of the microorganisms used are free from GMOs and are not pathogenic to humans.

Fluids: for a better solubilization in fertigation.
Microgranular: For a better mixing with substrates.


Healthier crops and production:
Well-developed roots and balanced plant growth.
Iinduction of plant resistance systems

Increased production:
Optimization of the nutritional program: increased absorption of nutrients and higher resistance to environmental stress.

Our products are always made up of consortia of microorganisms which exploits the synergy between the strains for greater effectiveness and persistence in the soil even in non-ideal conditions.

Rhizobacteria (PGPRs) are promoters of plant growth, valuable allies living and developing around colonizing roots, releasing beneficial substances such as the phytohormones responsible for cell division and stimulation which promote the growth of roots and hence of the leaves.

Mycorrhizas, on the other hand, provide the plant with an important help in absorbing water and some nutrients, otherwise difficult to use, taken from the ground with their mycelium. The mycelium of these fungi is very extensive and is essential for exploring a greater amount of soil around the root so as to increase the absorbent efficiency of the same root. Mycorrhizas can grow on almost all the roots of plants of agrarian interest: apple, pear, peach, apricot, actinidia, vine, olive, citrus, strawberry, tomato, pepper, eggplant, artichoke, potato, asparagus, basil, zucchini, tobacco, sunflower, wheat, corn, barley, etc…


ASPERIUM Roots health Liquid Radical biostimulation through actinomycetes
TILLIS Roots and leaves health Liquid Radical biostimulation through actinomycetes
BASIDIUM Multipurpose degradator Suspendable powder Degradation of toxic substances
CHONIA Roots health Liquid Radical biostimulation through actinomycetes
TIXYL Root development Suspendable powder Radical biostimulation through actinomycetes
RYZE Mycorrhizas in sensu stricto Granular Mycorrhization.
TERIUM Phosphorous mobilization Liquid Production of siderophores and solubilization of phosphorous salts
PRISTINUS Activator Liquid Fertility improving of the soil for the presence of PGPRs and actinomycetes.