Organic farmingOrganic nitrogen fertiliser-liquid vinasse.
is a complex formulation based on the following active substances: proteins, amino acids, peptides and peptones, vitamins, and organic matter, properly combined to promote biochemical processes essential for the formation of complex energetic compounds, activating plant metabolism and making them more reactive to all stress conditions, either due to disorders or to parasitic attacks. The combination of elements such as the glycine-betaine complex are very important in the control of energy exchanged inside the cell, promoting photosynthesis and sugar synthesis. The product contains a selection of B group vitamins in natural form, which promote many fundamental enzymatic reactions, as well as plant hormones.

Formulation: Liquid

Total nitrogen (N) 8 %
Organic nitrogen (N) 3.5 %
mmoniac nitrogen (N) 1 %
reic nitrogen (N) 3.5 %
organic carbon (C) 16 %
Betaine 7 %
Invert sugar 3 %
γ Amino-butyric acid 0.6 %
Vitamins (B1-B2-B6) 6 mg/kg
Growth factors 210 mg

Interested crops and directions for use

frutticolturameloperopescociliegioactinidiasusinoalbicoccopiccoli fruttiviteolivoagrumiorticolturapomodoropeperonezucchinomelanzanacarciofopatatasedano e spinaciolattugaaglio e cipollafloricolturacolture protettetabaccocolture estensive ed industrialivivaio fruttavivaio ortofloricolo

Crops APPLICATION Doses Treatment
Fruit crops– vineyard Foliar applicationfogliare 200-250 ml/hl
Strawberry Foliar applicationfogliare 250-300 ml/hl
Potato Foliar applicationfogliare 250-300 ml/hl
Horticultural plants, indoor Foliar applicationfogliare 100-150 ml/hl
Horticultural plants, outdoor Foliar applicationfogliare 150-200 ml/hl
Beetroot-grain-maize-rice Foliar applicationfogliare 200-250 ml/hl
Beetroot-grain-maize-rice with post emergence weed control Foliar applicationfogliare 6-9 L/ha

12 x 1 kg
2 x 12.4 kg