Shading paint: opaque during dry weather, transparent when wet.

Ombra Keeper is a specific product that, aplied to greenhouses’ covering, protect crops from unwanted radiations. It can be applied on all types of greenhouses’ covering like glass, soft plastic material (polyethylene) and rigid (acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC). It combines features of shading and of opacity to infrared rays.  Due to the reflection mechanism the temperature in the greenhouse, in the presence of strong insolation, it is significantly lower.

Formulation: Paste

Interested crops and directions for use
colture protettevivaio ortofloricolo

Protected crops  on the outer coveringfor protective coverages, shadowing, light diffusion, etc. 1 kg in 2.5 – 5 L of water which is enough to cover a surface of 35-75 m2.

Warning: These dilutions refer to thickness, that is to say to progressively decreasing opacity factors.
We recommend to apply the product at the beginning of the sunny season, by repeating, if necessary, during the most sunny period (June); only one standard application ensures a coverage of 60 – 70 %.
This product must be applied on a dry surface, clean, if possible and degreased (only in case of pretty new and assembled materials). We recommend to apply it during the warmest hours during the day.
At the season end the residual film can be easily removed by means of a water jet and a brush, applied by means of parallel movements on the treated surface, or by means of EclipseNet: the special anticorrosive product, as specifically shown.

4 x 4 kg
15 kg