Translucent paint for greenhouses. It spreads the light radiation in a uniform manner.
Optifuse® is a water-soluble fluid gel. It creates a transparent and homogeneous film on all over surface of the greenhouse and it allows a more regular growth of plants as it let all radiations to pass in the environment, diffusing them. The covering appears to be transparent when wet and translucent when dry. The use of Optifuse® is recommended in places where, or in seasons when, the brightness can be quite poor. Optifuse®, spreading the light, improves the photosynthetic activity of crops. Plants, in greenhouses covered with Optifuse®, present a more compact, lush and healthier than plants grown in greenhouses without the protection of Optifuse®. Optifuse® is recommended especially on the glasses. Optifuse® is resistant to rain and is effective for several months.

Formulation: Gel

Interested crops and directions for use
colture protettevivaio ortofloricolo


On the outer coveringsulla copertura

20 kg/1000 m2 with 100-120 L of water.
With 13 buckets of 15 kg in 1000 to 1,200 L of water you can treat 1 ha
Optifuse® should be applied on clean and dry materials. A kg of product is enough to treat 50 m2 of covering. In case of need Optifuse® can be eliminated, easily and at any time, with the use of TopClear®.

15 kg