Each plant, as a living organism, is frost-sensitive to a different extent, depending on the species and the phenological phase. Within the same species, the phenological stage is the most important parameter. Flowering, in particular, is the stage where plants are most susceptible to frost. Unfortunately, it is precisely at this stage that late frosts often occur. These are responsible for yield reductions, crop quality decrease and even for the survival of the plants themselves. We must therefore be prepared to intervene in time and effectively face the phenomenon.

Even if you have any anti-frost systems, it is still advisable to intervene on the plant trying to make it more reactive and more resistant to temperature drop.

How to do.

Late frosts. In addition to the normal cultivation techniques act to protect plants from frost, CropAID AntiFrost (500 ml/hl) can be used, some days before the event. The ideal would be already to start a few weeks in advance but the treatment can be done even later (up to 6-12 hours before the critical temperature would be reached). Effectiveness, in this case, is noticeably affected and may be only advised when it is not possible to predict the phenomenon in advance. The treatment should be repeated at least weekly (during frost time), and at least three treatments fortnightly are recommended, even if the peak of frost is over.  These last applications are to ensure that crops quickly overcome the stress they suffered. The product has also a nutritional action and an effect on the growth of the crop. To ultimate the protection from cold and for a faster recovery of the plant from stress, we recommend the additional use of Auxiger (0.5-0.7 L/ha) + Alga Mix BMg (3 L/ha) one day before reaching the peak and then, immediately after that and within 24 hours, with Auxiger (0.5-0.7 L/ha) + Gibrelin (1 L/ha) + Alga Mix BMg (3 L/ha) in order to restore the hormonal balance altered by thermal stress.

In the case of early autumn frosts, it is advisable to use CropAID AntiFrost (500 ml/hl) followed by the use of Alga Mix BMg (3 L/ha) or the new product EnerGEMMA (2 kg/ha) rich in boron and zinc that in the autumn contributes to the nutrition of the fruit buds.

Warnings: Use plant protection products with caution. Always read label and product information before using. Attention is drawn to the phrases and symbols of danger listed on the label.