Stimulant plant growth regulator.
is an Alfa-Naphtylacetic acid based on- vegetal stimulating plant growth also made of special vegetal extracts activators of the metabolic functions enabling both to advance the plant growing time and their quality and quantity characteristics linked to production.
It helps overcoming the stress phases as well as the physiological stagnation linked to the spring time frosts, to herbicidal and pesticide treatments in general, to water deficiency or surplus.

Formulation: Liquid

Vegetal extracts, glucosidic derivatives and B group vitamins 3.09 g
Pure NAA (Alfa-Naphtylacetic acid)  0.01 g
Microelements balanced solution 0.11 g
Multiple action-additives as requested for 100 g

Registration number: Reg. N° 6321 dated 03.04.1985 of the Italian Ministry of Health

Warning: Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information. Pay attention to phrases and hazard symbols on the label.

Interested crops and directions for use
viticolturaFrutticolturavivaismo frutticoloOrticolturaFloricolturavivaismo ortofloricoloColture estensive ed industriali

Crops application Doses Treatment
Seedbeds Plunged in the solution
20 ml/hl or 300 ml/ha It can advance and increase uniformity of seeds germination.
Transplantation of rooted cuttings Plunged in the solutionimmersione 20 ml/hl It can avoid crisis after transplantation.
Young plant in nursery-beds and planted out foliar
20 ml/hl or 300 ml/ha It avoids crisis after transplantation also speeding up their growing.
Vegetable growing (tomato, pepper, aubergine, courgette, spinach, strawberry, artichoke, chicory) foliar
20 ml/hl or 300 ml/ha It can promote and speed up their growing also increasing productiveness.
Fruit (apple, pear, peach, olive). foliar
300 ml/ha It improves fruit setting and size,  it can prevent the nutritional drop.
Grapevine foliar
20 ml/hl or 300 ml/ha It can speed up its growth, it increases the productiveness also increasing sugar rate.
Industrial crops foliar
300 ml/ha It increases their growth also increasing the productiveness.
Flower foliar
20 ml/hl It increases the petal colour and a long-lasting flowering.
Ornamental plants foliar
20 ml/hl It advances and increases their growth by improving their general aspect.
Orchids foliar
20 ml/hl  or 300 ml/ha it advances and increases the uniformity of seeds germination as well as their growth, also causing a long-lasting flowering
Succulent plants foliar
20 ml/hl It advances, encourages and speeds up their growth.

For any hobbistic use the dosage suggested is 5 drops per liter

12 x 24 x 20 ml
50 x 100 ml
24 x 300 ml
12 x 1000 ml