Semi-Transparent and Reflective Sunscreen
It protects the plant from the most intense radiation
Get all the sun you want!

Suspension of calcium carbonate

Phyto and photo protector that prevents the occurrence of physiological disorders related to high temperatures and to the excessively intense solar radiation (sunburn).
The product creates a film that prevents the passage of harmful solar radiation, significantly lowering the temperature.
The product is used as a preventive measure whenever you foresee climatic conditions that favor dehydration and the onset of epidermal burns load of fruit or leaves.
It’s a fertilizer- calcium corrective, not abrasive on fruits, harmless for useful fauna and for operator and provides calcium useful for the conservation of fruit after harvesting.
The sunlight, if one side is essential for the health and development of plants, can other hand, when excessively intense, creates tissue damage, in particular in the fruits, with burns and / or browning of the epidermis. The sunburns caused by the sun determine, annually, sensitive economic losses to farmers.
Depending on temperature, we can distinguish two types of damage: necrosis and browning.
The first occurs when the temperature of the fruit (which does not correspond to that of air) exceeds 52 °C. The heat causes the death of epidermal and subepidermal cells by inducing the formation of a necrotic spot on the side of the fruit exposed to the sun.
The browning, instead, occurs with temperatures of the fruit around 46-49 °C and does not cause necrosis but most simply causes the formation of spots of color from yellow to brown or bronze on the side of the fruit exposed to the sun.

The SunStop LG applications can reduce the temperature of the epidermis of the fruit also of 5 °C.

SunStop LG reduces the incidence of infrared rays responsible for higher temperatures and ultraviolet. In this way SunStop LG reduces the damage to the fruit, leaves and plants due to excessive exposure to the sun and heat.

The product is a fluid dispersion based on calcium carbonate and tackifying of organic source. Distributed on the leaves and fruit creates a film, that is initially white and then wiping, creates a network of micro-reflective crystals capable of filtering light radiation.
The result is a lower incidence of infrared and UV rays and thus a lower surface temperature of the fruit. The high content of Calcium improves the intensity and color uniformity and shelf life of fruits.

Formulation: Liquid

Suspension of calcium carbonate (CaO) 20 %

Interested crops and directions for use

The product is employed for foliar application in anticipation of very hot and sunny days, before the air temperature exceeds 28-30 °C. Repeat the treatment, if necessary, after 15-20 days. Repeat in the case of run-off. If you use equipment for low-volume distribution keep unchanged  the dosage per hectare.

Crops Application Doses
Fruit trees (apple, pear, grape, pomegranate…) Foliarfogliare 12 kg/ha
Citrus Foliarfogliare 9 kg/ha
Vegetables (tomato, pepper, eggplant, …) Foliarfogliare 6 kg/ha

To distribute to the more exposed side . Apply to foliage / fruit perfectly dry

12 x 1 kg
4 x 6 kg
2 x 12 kg