Kalidos LG

ORGANIC NITROGEN FERTILIZER – AGRO FOOD FLUID VINASSE FROM FRUIT AND CEREALS In the phases of rapid growth of the fruit, especially in the final phases, the internal [...]


Solid blend of tracelements boron (B) and zinc (Zn). EnerGEMMA is a formulation rich in boron and zinc, which contributes to the nutrition of the fruit buds in autumn. During this period, plants [...]

Bio-Amino Fert®

Organo-mineral fertiliser NPK 5-5 in suspension. Bio-Amino Fert® stimulates the biological activity of plants and the absorption of macro and micronutrients. Bio-Amino Fert® is an organic [...]

IronGlep® 7WPG

Fertilizer based on complexed iron with amino acids and peptides (Fe 7%). IronGlep® 7WPG is a micro granulated powder fertilizer based on complexed iron with amino acids from vegetals and [...]