Alga BFeMn®

Blend of micro-nutrients boron, iron and manganese. Alga BFeMn is a formulation containing boron, iron and manganese derived from a mixture of seaweed extracts and creams (genus Ascophyllum and [...]

Alga Mix BMg®

Boron and molybdenum based fluid fertiliser with Magnesium. ALGA-MIX B Mg derives from an alga mixture which, by adding magnesium and boron becomes an excellent growth activator as well as a [...]

Alga Special®

Solution of filtrated seaweed cream. Alga Special® is a liquid concentrated formulation of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, coming from the Northern Europe cold seas. It is extracted in cold [...]

Seaweed Mix®

Solution of filtrated seaweed cream. Seaweed Mix is a very high concentration product obtained from cream and extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata. It is a unique natural [...]