Calcium 44 LG®

Liquid product based on activated calcium containing humic acid. CALCIUM 44 LG can prevent and treat several physiopathologies arising from Calcium deficiency. Adding humic and fulvic to the [...]


Humic extracts  Gerhumin® is a product from German humic substances, particularly valuable, rich in humic and fulvic acids. The same substances are extracted in Germany and used by E. [...]


Humic extracts from Leonardite. SOIL-HUMIN contains humic and fulvic acids. Is a conditioner and the effect in the soil is gradually. It improves the soil features and enhances the [...]

AmiVeg LG®

Organic nitrogen fertilizer – Agro food fluid vinasse from fruit and cereals. AmiVeg LG® is a soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer made up of fruit and cereal derived L-amino acids, fulvic [...]