Biotrissol® NPK 6-5-5

Organic fertiliser. NPK 6-5-5 mineral suspension. Fluid organic mineral fertilizer derived from plant extracts. Stimulates plant biological activity as well as macro- and microelement absorption. [...]

Fe-Biotrissol® DTPA

Iron (sulfate, DTPA) based fertiliser solution. Fe-Biotrissol® DTPA is a liquid fertilizer based on vegetable extracts with chelated iron especially developed for plants suffering from iron [...]


Organic nitrogen fertiliser – liquid vinasse + Ca + Mg. Liquid fertilizer containing organically bound calcium and magnesium.  Ca-Mg-Biotrissol® is characterized by a high content in [...]

Fe-Biotrissol® G

Organic nitrogen fertiliser – liquid vinasse + Fe. Fluid organic fertilizer derived from vegetable extracts, rich in iron (chelated as a gluconate constituent) promoting a quick and [...]

LG 81®

NPK 4–6–5 Organ-mineral suspension fertiliser. LG 81 has been formulated to activate beneficial soil microbial activity. LG 81 contains a mixture of enzymes and metabolites derived from the [...]


Organic nitrogen fluid fertilizer – fluid vinasse + magnesium and microelements. Derived from vegetable extracts, it consists of a balanced formulation of organically bound magnesium and [...]


Organic nitrogen fertiliser – liquid vinasse + microelements. Organic fertilizer derived from vegetable extracts, consisting of macro and microelements present as organic compounds promoting a [...]


NPK (4-6-4). Organo–mineral fluid suspension fertiliser  at low chlorine content. Multibrix is ​​an organo-mineral fertilizer. Its main components consist in a pool of laevorotatory amino [...]


Organic nitrogen fertiliser-liquid vinasse. N-BIOTRISSOL is a complex formulation based on the following active substances: proteins, amino acids, peptides and peptones, vitamins, and organic [...]


Organic nitrogen fluid fertiliser – fluid vinasse with microelements. Zn-GOLDEN-BIOTRISSOL is a fertilizer containing vegetable extracts having a high zinc content (4 %) suited for all [...]