Gerfos® K

Liquid mineral compound fertiliser PK 30-20. GERFOS – K is a potassium and phosphorus based product. GERFOS – K can be applied during the whole vegetative cycle of crops; but, in [...]


NPK 15-20-26 fertiliser. FLORDÜNGER is a ternary powder compound mineral fertiliser consisting of a quite balanced complex of nutritive elements. Its composition ensure a balanced supply of [...]

Boro KB19®

Potassium borate. BORO KB19 is a innovative boron and potassium based on product, totally water soluble. It is completely without sodium and can be applied both by foliar and radical way. The [...]

Redskin LG®

Liquid Potassium fertiliser-Solution of mixed potassium salts. Redskin LG is a based on potassium liquid fertilizer. It favors the plant growth, facilitating the metabolism, and the production of [...]