Protective graft paste for hot applications. Protective black plastic graft paste for hot applications. It does not give off smoke, it is not toxic. Formulation: Pasta Interested crops and [...]


Special wax for grape’s planting out. Formulation: Cere Interested crops Packaging PANES 5 x 5 kg


Special wax for cold storage. Special wax for cold storage of the rooted grafted cuttings and the planting of the vines. Formulation: Waxes Interested crops Packaging BARS 5 x 4,80-5 kg


Band-grafting paste. Band-grafting paste for cold-applications for grafts and pruning. Formulation: Paste Interested crops and directions for use Packaging TINS 24 x 500 g 18 x 1 kg BUCKETS 4 x 5 kg


Protective and cicatrising paste. This product has been studied for shrub and tree wounds and for grafts as well. BAUMBALSAMO forms a weather agent resisting film which, at the same time, allows [...]

Baumwachs Brunonia®

Natural vegetal protective putty/wax for cold applications. Natural vegetal protective putty/wax for the wound treatment and for any kind of graft. Formulation: Paste Interested crops and [...]


Ecological product for cold application suitable to protect grafts and pruning. Ecological product without any kinf of solvent or additives, water soluble, suitable for the protection of grafts [...]

Plastifina® verde perle

Green plastic wax. Plastic wax for grape’s transplantation and nurserying, also good for rose and bush packaging to avoid dehydration. Formulation: Wax Interested crops Directions for use [...]

Potaben® CI

Cicatrising and disinfectant paste. Cicatrising and disinfectant paste for cold-applications to protect wounds and pruning cuts. Formulation: Paste Interested crops Directions for uses Packaging [...]

Spollonante G® (NAA 10%)

Sucker controlling plant growth regulator SPOLLONANTE G is a NAA based on liquid plant growth regulator which is able to reduce the development of the unwelcome sucker, growth on fruit trees, [...]