Concentrated solution for shading cleaning.

Specific for Eclipse LD and TransPar products. TopClear has been developed to effectively clean the covering of greenhouses in glass, plastic or in polycarbonate, from shading paint, simply spraying it on the covering surfaces. Neutral for all application media, TopClear respects the greenhouse and its structure. All its components are biodegradable. TopClear respects the environment.

Formulation: Liquid

Interested crops and directions for use
vivaismo ortofloricolo
Colture protette

Tunnels and greenhouse

 On the outer coveringsulla copertura

1 L in 5-7 L of water Spray possibly with cloudy sky. Leave for about 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water or wait for the first rains. The effectiveness is satisfied after some rain in function of the amount of water precipitated. One 20 kg jerry can is sufficient to treat about 800 m2 of coverage. For paints Eclipse F4, Eclipse F6 and Ombra Keeper use Eclipse Net detergent. TopCLEAR is a chemical for professional use.

4 x 5 L
20 L